Hong Kong Artist Karen Cheung features her story ‘My childhood in Hong Kong and Aruba’ at Aruba Art Fair 2019

265805 Pinchos- PGB promo Banner (25 x 5 cm)-5 copy

Karen Cheung is an artist based in Hong Kong specializing in ink pen sketching of travel and cultural themes. Her creative work and art brand, Karen Aruba Art, takes inspiration from the year she spent as a small kid in Aruba with her grandmother during 1980s. Spending part of her childhood in totally two different places, Hong Kong and Aruba, Karen gives a unique perspective on the lives, and shared values among local communities. This year April, she debuted her first art solo exhibition in Hong Kong about her interesting childhood stories in Hong Kong and Aruba. Her six art pieces are delivered from Hong Kong to Aruba for display at Aruba Art Fair 2019.

Life in Hong Kong and the beautiful Caribbean island of Aruba could not be more different. But for the Chinese communities living here or working abroad, there are common values people take with them which allows them to adapt and thrive. Karen’s art pieces are a discovery of the spirit, attitudes and activities among people, how they sustain their lives and maintain harmonious relationships within society, no matter where they are. Her illustrations reveal the humble living styles among people in Aruba: perseverant, collaborative and united.

Last year December, Karen returned to Aruba and interviewed the Chinese people on the island. She revisited her primary school and her grandma’s restaurant in Dakota (which was already sold out). She also interviewed people of Aruba New China Club Association, owner of a grocery and a hardware factory, trying to enhance the intimate understanding of Chinese people living here. In April, she launched her art solo exhibition in Hong Kong which generated a lot of media coverage. Through attractive colors and beautiful scenery, her illustration capture distinctive local stories and love to this happy island.

‘My grandmother and uncle’s settlement in Aruba many years ago. I lived in Aruba for a year when I was a small kid. Now, I still travel from Hong Kong to Aruba sometimes despite very long haul of flight. I love this small island. The values of Aruba are still influencing my drawing today. That’s why my art brand, Karen Aruba Art, shares my art values related to happiness, peaceful and harmony.’ said Karen.

In Aruba, there are only very few families coming from Hong Kong. For the first time of Hong Kong artist, Karen’s art pieces illustrating a lot of Aruba beautiful sceneries will be featured at Aruba Art Fair 2019 from Nov 22-24 in San Nicolas. All art pieces are available for sale.


About the artist.
Karen Cheung is a self-taught illustrator based in Hong Kong specializing in ink pen sketching related to travel and cultural theme. With a passion of art, she derives inspiration from everything she comes across by incorporating themes of travel, energy, peace and happiness. Her art brand ‘Karen Aruba Art’ was set up in 2015, sharing her amazing illustration with creativity combining Eastern and Western features which are made into nice gift and home décor. Her illustration related to ‘Travel Mahjong City’ achieved a number of awards in Hong Kong and attracted media attention. She loves to draw while she travels. Her drawing of ‘Art Journey’ in Aruba was shared on social media after visiting Aruba last December.


For more information of Karen’s work, please visit Facebook Karen Aruba Art or www.karenaruba.com.q