Hooked on Seafood

Aqua-Grill recently started a joint partnership with Aruba Tourist Channel.

Ten years of sun, fun and flamingos

The honorees were Mrs. Karen Ballard & Mr. Francis Linsky from USA.

Hand4addicts: Lending a helping hand

They welcome all sorts of donations such as hygiene products, clothing, shoes, towels etc.


Hunters and trappers blow past Wisconsin’s wolf kill target

The agency estimated that about 1,000 wolves roamed the state before the hunt began. The department's population goal is 350.

Amid surge, U.S. tries to expedite release of migrant children

Those costs can sometimes exceed $1,000 per child.

Judge says wife of drug kingpin ‘El Chapo’ to stay in jail

If convicted, she could face more than 10 years in prison.



Number of women on UK corporate boards rises 50% in 5 years

Women hold at least one-third of the board seats at 220 companies, up from 53 five years ago.

Sanctions prompt Venezuela to expel head of EU delegation

So far, 55 Venezuelan officials have been sanctioned by the European Union.

Putin warns of unnamed foreign efforts to destabilize Russia

The United States and its NATO allies have rejected similar previous claims by the Kremlin that they were seeking to undermine Russia.


Episode XCIII 93: How tourism started on Aruba

The first of these was a greater concentration on Caribbean tourism which had soared since 1950.

The Cultural and Creative Industry: It’s Time to Invest

One of the leading countries and a great best practice example is the United Kingdom.

Episode XCII – 92: An ancient Amerindian pigment

From this, crushed or leached in alcohol, a dye is obtained called Cochineal Red.