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Two great American ladies on the first flights to Aruba

Lois was on the first flight in from USA, this was the 1.25pm arrival with United Airlines coming from Newark, New Jersey.

Coral spawning predictions for the South Caribbean

Gametes of one species fertilize another to become fertilized embryos that settle on the ocean floor after days to weeks.

“Imagine” a better world

“I love Aruba and I wish to share some positivity with the people.”


Medical group cited by Trump denounces school funding threat

The statement comes at a time when schools across the nation are weighing decisions for the fall as Trump pushes them to reopen.

No bail for 2 accused of helping ex-Nissan boss escape Japan

Paul Kelly, a lawyer for the Harvard, Massachusetts residents, said his clients maintain they did not commit an extraditable offense.

Comet streaking past Earth, providing spectacular show

NASA's Neowise infrared space telescope discovered the comet in March.



Lawmakers vote to shut down Philippines’ largest TV network

It halted broadcasting then, but the vote takes it off the air permanently.

China vows retaliation against U.S. sanctions over Xinjiang

The Associated Press profiled Zhu as part of a package of stories last year.

Hundreds try to storm Serbian parliament as protests heat up

Police used their shields to push back the protesters and prevent them from entering the building.


Steve Francees, local photographer he knows the hidden gems of this island and captures them in an amazing way.

“Druif di Lama” as we locals call it in Papiamento, but is the Coccoloba Uvifera known also as sea grape or bay grape.

EpisodeXLIV: Small Aruban Industries of the 19th century

Small industries tried in Aruba such as the tobacco, cotton and wool industry did not achieve an appreciable success.

The “New Normal”: Small Island Innovations Post Corona

Globally, Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) are known key drivers of economic and social development.