Stories R US: Write about COVID-19 on the islands

Each person is a story and each person has a story. Whether fiction or nonfiction, stories R US. 

Warm message from New York

“Here in New York we have been hit especially hard by the present crisis."

Share your message from home

Aruba Today invites you to send us your picture and words expressing your memory of our island


Amid coronavirus pandemic, black mistrust of medicine looms

Peebles, a 30-year-old black man who's skeptical of what he hears from the news media and government, initially didn't see the need for alarm over the virus.

Local newspapers are facing their own coronavirus crisis

But newspapers and other publications are under pressure as advertising craters.

With parks closed, Disney starts furloughs in 2 weeks

Anyone who is furloughed will remain a Disney employee, the company said.



Jerusalem’s Palm Sunday procession scaled back due to virus

Palm Sunday celebrations start the Holy Week leading up to Easter.

Europe sees more signs of hope as Italy’s virus curve falls

Angelo Borrelli, the head of Italy's Civil Protection agency on Sunday, said there were 525 deaths in the 24-hour period since Saturday evening.

Scramble for virus supplies strains global solidarity

Next day, the truck returned empty. The company was refusing to provide the masks.


COVID-19: The Creative Industry’s Worst Nightmare Come True

It has been at least 4 decades since the island experienced a national curfew or further than that, a partial shutdown.

American continent strucked by epidemics Episode LXI. 61

European diseases devastated entire nations and their tribes.

We call it the Calco

Growing up on an island I can say this was my preferred meal but over the time it was very hard to find.