Can I have a …, please?

Here you will find all types of snacks loved by the locals.

Urban Chic in Tropical Beach Décor: Coral Shell Condominiums is made with Family Love

The best comes from the heart and in the case of Coral Shell Condominiums it is the owners who built this place as their own home.

Sporty weekend

This weekend you may choose between the Aruba International Karate Cup and Aruba’s International Beach Tennis Event.


Oklahoma judge reduces J&J order in opioid lawsuit by $107M

District Judge Thad Balkman’s latest order directs the company to pay the state $465 million.

U.S. budget deficit surges to $134.5 billion in October

The government ran up a deficit of $984.4 billion for the 2019 budget year that ended Sept. 30, 26% larger than in 2018.

Justice Dept. rolls out new program to combat gun violence

“Gun crime remains a pervasive problem in too many communities across America,” Barr said in a statement.



Mexico’s president faces challenge over human rights

López Obrador vowed respect for human rights when he took office nearly a year ago.

Free broadband? UK Labour Party promises nationalization

Labour plans to nationalize BT's digital infrastructure network, known as OpenReach, and the company's other broadband-related businesses.

Somalia struggles after worst flooding in recent history

“I could hear people, perhaps my neighbors, screaming for help but I could only fight for the survival of my family,” the 38-year-old Sabrie, the father of four, recalled


Episode XLIII: The Aloe industry of Aruba

Aloe led a thriving existence on our island where it was introduced around 1840; limestone soil and dry weather were the best conditions for aloe to thrive.

Hotel Hustle: ‘It’s the season

After the mad rush of summer and the slow pace of September and October, November serves as the herald of the upcoming busy period for hotels.

Exploring the Role of Museums in the Aruban Society

Throughout the entire discussion of national cultural heritage, museums and historical cultural institutions are considered imperative pillars for the...