Staying positive and happy is hard!

Is hard to be sad when thinking about Aruba!

Military cooks prepare lunch meals for food bank Aruba

The food is prepared by the kitchen staff of the Marinebase, which then is transported by Anaconda to the location of FPNC.

“In times of crisis people reach for meaning.”

Pieter is also preparing to 3d print special valves that can be used to turn snorkeling masks into ventilators.


Why health experts aren’t warning about coronavirus in food

The answer has to do with the varying paths organisms take to make people sick.

US outlines plan for Venezuela transition, sanctions relief

The one-page “Democratic Transition Framework for Venezuela” was presented Tuesday by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Rent strike idea gaining steam during coronavirus crisis

The rent strike idea has taken root in parts of North America and as far away as London.



Reporting for duty: Airline crew sign up to help hospitals

Palmgren says he signed up out of civic duty when he got the offer from his former employer.

Not so funny: Edinburgh festivals canceled for first time

Organizers canceled the city's collection of late summer festivals Wednesday as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

South Korea shoe cobbler donates for needy amid coronavirus

But now Kim, 60, wants to donate a big chunk of his holdings to the local government.


American continent strucked by epidemics Episode LXI. 61

European diseases devastated entire nations and their tribes.

We call it the Calco

Growing up on an island I can say this was my preferred meal but over the time it was very hard to find.

Maish grandi; Big corn or Zea mays Episode LX (60)

The greatest surprise, and the source of much past controversy in corn archeology, was the identification of the corn’s ancestor.