A broad research on Aruba’s health care quality brought forward another Doctor of Law on the island: Dr. JayburttDijkhoff argues check of health care...

"In general, quality regulation must be made coherent through a coherent vision of health care quality."

Papillon Restaurant presents: Chef’s Garden, the butterfly effect of magnificent local food

Sometimes combining the best of the best is a matter of all things falling into place.

MedCare’s Fit2Fly COVID-19 Testing Center, Just introduced a game changer: Rapid PCR, minutes not hours to get your results.

Laboratorio di Servicio is ISO-15189:2012 accredited by the Dutch Council for Accreditation (M317).


Good Samaritan recalls jumping from bridge to save girl, 2

He said he saw one of the vehicles, a truck, left teetering on the bridge's guardrail.

House GOP leader says he backs ousting Cheney from No. 3 job

McCarthy said the leadership post must focus on a message "day in and day out" on what he said were the problems of the Biden administration.

California reports first ever yearly population decline

But the census numbers reflect the state's population in April 2020.



Top judges in Brazil want review after deadly police raid

Brazil's Supreme Court issued a ruling last year prohibiting police operations in Rio's favelas during the pandemic unless "absolutely exceptional."

E.U. launches conference to debate its future with citizens

The process also aims at bringing the EU's complex decision-making closer to its 450 million citizens.

Death toll soars to 50 in school bombing in Afghan capital

The Taliban denied responsibility, condemning the attack and the many deaths.


Episode CIII 103: The Cocuy, a fading tradition.

It is native to the central-western region of Venezuela and the ABC islands.

New Episode CII 102: Ancient Tourists

They could have reached this part of the world maybe just by walking.

Episode CI – 101: Identity awareness

Development pressure or the need to rescue remains prior to their destruction has increased drastically in recent years.