A beautifully crafted list of event happening on Aruba this week

A list of events happening on Aruba this week!

Thank you Mr. Goodwin

Recently, Marouska Heyliger from Aruba Tourism Authority (A.T.A.) honored Richard Goodwin from Massachusetts with his Emerald Ambassadors certificate in the name of A.T.A.

‘Masha danki’ for being loyal visitors

Recently, Aruba Tourism Authority representative Marouska Heyliger had the great pleasure in honoring loyal Aruba visitors with their distinctive certificates.


Jimmy Carter hospitalized after fall at Georgia home

Former President Jimmy Carter had another fall at his home in Plains, Georgia, fracturing his pelvis and going to the hospital for treatment and observation, a spokeswoman said Tuesday.

After verifying addresses, Census Bureau is hiring thousands

After verifying millions of addresses, the U.S. Census Bureau is kicking off a campaign to recruit and hire as many as 500,000 temporary workers to help with the largest head count in U.S. history next spring, an agency official said Tuesday.

U.S. takes step to require DNA samples from asylum-seekers

The Justice Department on Monday issued amended regulations that would mandate DNA collection for almost all migrants who cross between official entry points and are held even temporarily.



Mounting Venezuela exodus sparks fears of rising xenophobia

"Veneco!" the man yelled, using a derogatory word for Venezuelans. "Get out of here!"

UNHCR probes Libya-Malta interception in migrant rescue

He said that "we are looking into the reasons of Malta's request," including that Malta may have asked Libya to intervene for technical reasons.

Northern Ireland laws on abortion, same-sex marriage, set to change

This is happening because British lawmakers voted last year in favor of changing these laws if Northern Ireland's government wasn't up and running by Oct. 21.


Episode 40: A scientific journey across the island – Part III

On the 3rdof January 1885, I received on Aruba: I have received a warning; never again travel without a hammock.

Beautiful areas around Aruba

Here in Aruba we have three natural bridges and many see this one on thinking that it’s the world famous one but it’s not.

A scientific journey across the island- Part II

Arriving at Saint Nicolaas, Prof. Martin continues to this town situated on the bay with the same name. This is the port of the phosphate mines of Colorado, consisting only of a few buildings belonging to the mine company.