AHATA Excellence in 2020 Awards recognize the highly motivated

AHATA will be honoring these exemplary employees in the sector with the “AHATA Excellence in 2020 Awards”.

Thanksgiving Dinner at the Sunset Grille

Dinner may be enjoyed outdoor on the wraparound terrace overlooking the waterfalls, or in the air-conditioned dining room.

Defense expands coastal surveillance

Supporting the civil authorities is one of the three main tasks of Defense in the Caribbean.


U.S. agrees for now to stop deporting women who alleged abuse

Amin has denied any wrongdoing through his lawyer.

OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma pleads guilty in criminal case

It also admitted paying doctors through a speakers program to induce them to write more prescriptions for its painkillers.

White House still planning holiday parties, despite warnings

Grisham said the White House would be taking precautions to provide "the safest environment possible" for attendees at events.



Punishing hurricanes to spur more Central American migration

"If there's a caravan, I'm going," she said, referring to the large groups of migrants who make the arduous journey together, often on foot.

China criticizes pope over comment on Uighur Muslim minority

Foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said Francis' remarks had "no factual basis at all."

Trudeau: Canadians won’t be among the first to get vaccine

Trudeau said the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany have mass vaccine-production facilities but Canada does not.


Archaeological sites of Aruba

Such quantity of the postholes concentrations suggested long periods of permanent inhabitation.

Episode LXXIX-79: Shamans botanic

For some, shamanic knowledge is acquired through dreams, without formal learning, and all people share a bit of shamanic power.

Recovery through Creativity and Innovation

Many studies confirm the breakthrough role of creativity throughout this pandemic.