Curfew implemented

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Starting Saturday, March 21st, the Government of Aruba will implement a curfew from 9pm to 6am.

During these hours, nobody is allowed on the streets.

Those who work essential night shifts and have to go to work or back home must have a document with them that proves this.

There is an exception for the pharmacy on duty, it can stay open.

Those who do not comply with the regulations of the curfew can get a fine up to 10,000 Aruban florins and for violation of opening hours up to 1000 florins.

Starting Saturday, March 21, the Government of Aruba has decided that the Aruban borders will be closed for entry. Nobody can enter the country. This restriction counts for residents of Aruba as well.

Only empty flights can come in to pick up passengers leaving Aruba to take them to their destination.