“We do this together, that is my style”

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Casa del Mar Beach Resort & Timeshare offers you paradise: an oceanfront location on the whitesands of Eagle Beach, the amazing aquamarine Caribbean ocean, wonderfully luxurious oceanfront, or poolside timesharing suites with a world of amenities like a spa, restaurant, and a fitness center. An octopus has eight arms and is able to multitask likewise for Shanella Pantophlet. The always calm-and-peaceful Reservations Supervisor has her plate full with responsibilities, yet always wears a smile on her face.

She is the Reservations Supervisor and oversees the departments of Rentals and Resales, Member’s Relations, as well as the activity department. “The puzzle aspect is what I love about the job, every day is different and it is challenging for me to figure out to make it work logistically.” She explains the division of the units is a balancing act and you must try to keep a cool head. “I do not get stressed in ad hoc situations, I know we will always find a solution.”

100 Years of Experience
To manage people has been a bit of a challenge for Shanella. She is the kind of person to stand back, observe and not being in the center of the attention. However, in this position one needs to step forward and so she did. “I chose to first getting to know my employees on a personal level. To understand their skills and experience. For example Jessica has been here the longest, so I turn to her whenever I need specific information on a guest because I know she will have it.

Monique is analytical, so to discuss options I go to her or Aislinn who has been here for a long time already and she knows people. When I freak out, I sit with her or my assistant Bea, combined these four have over 100 years of experience.” We do this together: that is Shanella’s style and she wants to make sure everyone is involved in the decision-making process. “Everyone can make their own independent decisions, as long as I am informed and it is for the best. I am a people’s manager. I am the boss yes, I deal with the payroll and evaluations, yes; but we are all equal and I will not ask my people to do something I would not do myself.” Working forward means communicate, and she tries to be there for her team. “Mind you many of them have the age to be my mother. You need to find that balance and appreciate each other. Main thing is not too take things personal. You may blow up on each other but you need to be able to let go.”

All Connected
“Our guests just walk in and out of our office, there is a strong interpersonal relationship. You won’t find that in for example a bigger hotel.” Extra service is in the details as in remembering specific preferences of the guests.

“We love the chaos. It takes a special kind of crazy to work within a time share. Everyone’s job is interconnected and they respond to that in the long-term goals to grow. That is what keeps people around, we celebrate an employee’s work anniversary and encourage that as guests feel comfortable with the familiar faces.” The guests ask for the employees, when they are on vacation they want to check whether they are still there. They even sent personal cards and gifts. “You do not get that in this way at a normal resort.

The real personal interest that makes the difference. In a world turning more distant and cold the warmth is appreciated. Here is where generations come and meet. It goes further than just a job.”

The Casa del Mar Beach Resort & Timeshare is in the middle of a renovation right now, so they have special pre-renovation sales. “We still have weeks open which is very attractive for visitors and locals. Check it out!”