“I love to observe people and see if they fit”

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Casa del Mar Beach Resort & Timeshare offers you paradise: an oceanfront location on the white sands of Eagle Beach, the amazing aquamarine Caribbean ocean, wonderfully luxurious oceanfront, or poolside timesharing suites with a world of amenities like a spa, restaurant, and a fitness center. The Human Resources department recruited a young and dynamic lady who loves her job and claims that Casa del Mar is the greatest working environment. Meet Sherrah Stacey Ponson!

Sherrah started working with Casa del Mar officially July 1st, 2019. “I was an intern from January to July. Before that I was attending an intercontinental Caribbean University in Curacao, studies Hospitality and International Administration.” At Human Resources department she is responsible for any applicants that apply for a job. She helps them look for the position that they want and fill in the form. “From there I will send it to the managers and they will talk it over with me if the person is eligible for the position. Then we continue with the interview process and go to the next step which is the hiring. Besides that, I assist in organizing events for the employees, do administration tasks and of course help with the payroll. There are like a lot of things to it, it is a very diverse position.”

Make others smile.
She says that every day is exciting, she loves it here at Casa del Mar Beach Resort & Timeshare. “I like to know different people and learn about the psychological side of the job. To observe people and see if they fit. I do the pre-selection and I am aware of my responsibility.” She explains that they are not super strict on education but what catches them in an interview is the attitude. Jolly and ready to work are the characteristics of the kind of people they need. “In the hospitality industry, we need people that make other people smile.”

Applicants are mostly nervous to her noticing. “Especially with the current situation in Venezuela you see that Venezuelan applicants really need the job which is hard sometimes. We feel how hard it is to them, but we also see that giving someone a change makes a huge difference.” Not all hotels have that bunch of open positions, but every time Sherrah and her colleagues have someone in and they do not have that job open they direct them to other resorts. “There is more demand for jobs than offerings she sees, but mostly these are Venezuelans without permission so it is problematic. “But we try to help wherever we can.”

Genuine work place.
As a young lady with a fresh look she notices that the environment within the resort is very warm, or in her own words: dushi which means nice or pleasant in Papiamento. “All departments have this typical connected energy and show love for their colleagues.” It is a genuine working place and you do not find that type of atmosphere anywhere else she states. “You feel happy to work every single day and being part of this resort.”

Sherrah’s dream.
Sherrah’s dream always was to be an event/wedding planner or working in HR. “So I am living it, my dream. But there is more to it. I would like to make life at its best for employees and continue accommodating their satisfaction and motivation. Also I definitely think that we as a company should contribute to local community.” Last year one of Casa del Mar’s employees in the Accounting Department initiated to help some families in need around Christmas time. The employees gave donations and because of that Casa del Mar Beach Resort & Timeshare was able to provide 25 children from different schools with school supplies. “It was an amazing experience and we as HR will focus more on community work this year.”