The Special Corps Aruba (CEA) received five transport vehicles from the Netherlands

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Recently, the Minister of Justice and Social Affairs paid a visit to the CEA to see the five transport vehicles that recently arrived from the Netherlands.

Based on a long-existing agreement between Aruba and the Netherlands, Aruba receives vehicles from the Netherlands that are in good condition and no longer in use by the authorities. In this case, CEA received these five vehicles used to transport detainees.

During the visit, he received a thorough explanation from the CEA personnel about these vehicles. These vehicles are Mercedes Benz and in excellent condition, fully equipped with the latest technology and indoor security cameras for the safety of the personnel and the detainees while in transport.

The Minister is grateful for the arrival of these vehicles and agrees with CEA Director Ronny Geerman that a structural plan is needed to replace these vehicles in the future.

The negotiations with the Dutch authorities are ongoing for a replacement plan soon. These investments are essential for the personnel.

The priority is to invest more in the personnel and to have the necessary equipment to perform their duties accordingly and safely.