Papillon Restaurant presents: Chef’s Garden, culinary magic by European top chef in a romantic garden

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A true once-in-a-lifetime experience. The secret garden is located in a traditional Aruban cunucu house creating a magical ambiance. The Chef’s Garden is a 6-course surprise menu with authentic classic French dishes by Dutch top chef Patrick van der Donk. You will leave this culinary Garden of Eden in an enchanted state creating a memory that will last a lifetime. Welcome in the world of wonders where ambiance, taste and service come together and you feel you are being welcomed in the home of the owner and her team.

Sometimes combining the best of the best is a matter of all things falling into place. Every Wednesday from 7pm to 10pm you are welcomed to enter a world where food is a passion. Papillon Restaurant presents their guest chef Patrick van der Donk – and with The Chef’s Garden menu being a fresh concept on the island, we’re sure you will fall completely in love with this.

A bit about guest chef Patrick

Chef Patrick van der Donk is a true legend on Aruba. Chef Patrick attended culinary school in the Netherlands where he worked with several of the best Dutch chefs, including two 3-star Michelin chefs who taught him all the tricks of the trade. He was also inspired by self-taught Michelin star chef Raymond Blanc OBE who has educated the most prominent British chefs of today.

The menu is carefully done with local products, fresh and perfectly matched with a selection of wines by local sommeliers. Vegan options are available; please inform them when you make your reservation.

The Secret Garden & Papillon

This is an in-home dining experience where you will feel you are part of an exclusive setting. Private culinary events are the owner’s specialty and their lush, tropical garden is also inviting for you to relax and indulge in hours of authentic culinarian delights, a heaven to foodies. For more than a decade, Papillon restaurant has built a reputation with the fusion of classic French cuisine, Dutch and Caribbean flavors. They know how to thrill and in collaboration with The Secret Garden we can only expect phenomenal.

For reservations:

Call or WhatsApp: +297 699 5400


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