Minister of Economic Affairs announces price reduction for gasoline and diesel

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Aruba’s minister of Economic Affairs, Communication and Sustainable Development, Mr. Geoffrey Wever, during a press conference yesterday morning, confirmed the news that the price for gasoline and diesel will see a substantial reduction on the 10th of August.

He mentioned that the reduction will be 42.5 cents (12.7%) for the price of gasoline, and for diesel it will be 34.2 cents (10.9%) per liter.

It is customary – in the past – that there are publications with insinuations and political motivations when the minister must announce a price increase for fuel, according to the minister. While the news of the price reduction surely is very good for the people of Aruba, minister Wever wanted to take this opportunity to assure the people once again that the price of gasoline is determined by international developments in the oil industry.

Minister Wever said he is pleased with the reduction, seeing that it will have a positive effect for those less fortunate, but according to the minister, “once again we are reminded that Aruba is at the mercy of international developments. We must use this opportunity to remind the people of the importance of sustainable development, both in energy and in other aspects as well”.

Aruba needs to have understanding and cooperation for the developments that need to take place in order to push our country to a more sustainable path, where we can begin to go in the direction of reducing the dependence of our country on external factors. This will help us as a country to be stronger and to prevent situations with negative effects for the entire community. The minister emphasizes that this is the goal for the following years.