Caribbean Water Games

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A group of well-known international athletes, stuntman and production team were scheduled to visit Aruba on the 13th of August to shoot an introduction film of a new and innovative sports event, named Caribbean Water Games (CWG). Due to the pandemic and closing of the borders this date has been cancelled, but nevertheless we would hereby like to take the opportunity to introduce to you this event which will be taken place at a later date.


CWG has been formed with the mission and vision to bring every type of water sports and activities together mixed with BMX during a three day event. Two days of exploring the islands, filming various informational and promotional footages and one day of the main event.


CWG will bring this event to most of the Caribbean islands and introduce one or two special guests with each event and putting the highlight on one unique activity from each destination.

The local kids and athletes will also have the chance to register and participate alongside some of their favorite professional athletes. The whole event will be documented and published on their website and their various social platforms.


Alexander Hanst, born in Curacao, together with some of his friends are the masterminds and heartbeats behind this new international event. After having experienced all types of instability and insecurity within the younger generation they were searching for a way to involve the local kids in something positive. They wanted to create an event where these kids had something to look forward to and work towards.


Billy Perry was/is the first special guest invited for the making of the video on Aruba. Billy is a Professional BMX freestyle rider from Long Island, New York and is sponsored by Volume Bikes, Merritt BMX, and Only NY.


As soon as the new dates are confirmed this will be announced.

If you or your organization would like to take part in this event you can e-mail