“I believe in building spirits”

Casa del Mar Beach Resort & Timeshare offers you paradise: an oceanfront location on the white, sandy Eagle Beach, the amazing blue-green colored Caribbean ocean, wonderful luxury oceanfront or poolside timeshare suites and a world of amenities like a spa, restaurant, a pool and a gym. Having fun, while staying fit, is the department of Imbert Morrison, water aerobics teacher at the resort.

Energy is part of him, and being 62 years of age does not bother him at all. “It is in your mind where you create strength. I believe in building spirits.” You can also be active on vacation because you may want to balance with the dinners and drinks, he states. His classes are taking place in the resort’s pool and he aims for real participation. “I observe my group and adjust my class to the level of the guests. I have been doing this already for seventeen years and still I enjoy every single class.”

Sport is a Choice
Imbert used to be a dancing teacher back in his native country, Trinidad. “One of the dances I taught was limbo dancing and one day I was asked to go to Aruba to perform limbo.

I already used to travel to Japan so it was okay for me to go abroad.” His manager introduced him to Casa del Mar Resort & Timeshare and here he is. “It is family here. I love the interaction and energy with the people. Many know me for years already and we even maintain contact when they are home to share tips about a healthy lifestyle.” He can relate to the fact that it is sometimes a challenge to stay fit when you have reached a certain age, for sure, but the idea is to make exercise part of your life. “Nowadays sport is not a must anymore, but a choice. People do take more care than in the former days.”

Plain Awesome
In the neighborhoods back home he worked with children and set up shows containing dancing, drama and acting.

It was not always easy to motivate the youth and keep them off the streets, but he believes in perseverance. His biggest achievement was to teach children that are hearing impaired, but he managed to win competitions with them in the end. “It’s all in the heart, one must enjoy life. We are not designed to understand everyone but we can appreciate the time we spend with each other.” Imbert loves having fun and good times. Life in his opinion is about negative and positive, but the base is to be open and try to understand. “This job to me is plain awesome. Come to me for your exercise, if you want a change you do it.” q