Episode CLXXVI- 176: Aruba heritage experience

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Etnia Nativa through Island Insight shares stories, promotes cultural awareness, educates and safeguards Aruba’s heritage by elevating each and every one to an island keeper state of mind. In each of our episode we encourage the readers to discover the true native spirit and uncovering more reasons to love this unique wonders.

Since that our tiny island has become very attractive destination the increase traffic over its fragile ecosystem has taken its toll on our nature and ecosystem which evolved over thousands of years. The urge is to create awareness in order for all to continue enjoying the natural beauty in tune with the environment. We wish to share insights how to enjoy, admire and discover our island cultural heritage of this “beloved rock”.

This is where our main objective comes to mind to share information through education because we want to become you an “star visitor” in order to help us to preserve our cultural heritage and natural resources by gaining a caring behavior while enjoying and respecting the flora, fauna and culture.

Since the beginning Aruba has been characterized by the honesty and quality of its incomparable service, highly valued attributes ever. (See episode 93), our native people shows great natural cordiality and a professional respect for our visitor when extending his welcoming hands and smile.

Our hospitality workers are who first exchanges all kind of insights with our first time visitors. This is also how our people transmit customs, values, traditions and their good predisposition. Transmitting this to the new generations workers in this pleasant and why not “idle industry “since tourism is one of the few human activities that contains the ambivalence of being business and leisure.

The entire world sees tourism as a profitable productive sector and perhaps we vaguely refer to the concept of leisure. However concerning rather the over exploitation, over population, neglect and devaluation. The challenge comes to mind in how to mitigate and eliminate side effects and create that balance, a sponsored synergy, involving public sector, the industry, the visitors and the natural and social cultural environment advocates for permanent solutions. Etnia Nativa inspires this spirit and from out a creative nucleus wishes to present each of its episodes as an approach to the educational. Believing in that the host community is what makes the different and of great importance of a culture aware tourism.

Now while you enjoying the leisure of our relaxing beaches, we suggest you to get involved with our episodes of “Island-Insight” and familiarize with the artistic, historical and cultural values of your destination and become a new guardian of our beloved rock with every new story we share.


Culture and tourism have a great mutually and beneficial relationship which can strengthen the attractiveness and competitiveness of Aruba. Culture is an increasingly important element of the tourism industry as it offers distinction in a crowded saturated global consumption market.

Did you know that from the rocky coast of Malmok a few decades ago you could enjoy the beautiful under water vegetation and the abundant fauna at the bottom of the sea? Imagine then how extraordinary it was to be in the water or snorkel along that entire rock coast. Today the same place as many others, are arid and without colorful corals of polyps as it used to be but mostly depleted of life.

Get involved in local activities which promotes the care taking of the environment and that keeps our flora and fauna in mind. Your concierge can assist – Make local friends to remember this tourist destination like no other!


If you love Aruba its origins and its cultural heritage, be part of the exclusive visitors of Etnia Nativa: a cozy museum/home.

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