CMMA Webinar: Human trafficking and smuggling

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Recently, the Minister of Justice, Rocco Tjon, officially opened the Webinar: Human trafficking and smuggling organized by the Coordination Center Human Trafficking.

The webinar Human Smuggling “CMMA” was held at the (National Central Bureau for Counterterrorism, Security, and INTERPOL).

In connection with the phenomena of Human Trafficking and Human Smuggling, the CMMA held an intensive campaign called “open your eyes” to create awareness about this subject.

The authorities have invested more in securing the coastal border through the active “border agreement”, meaning that all relevant departments are working jointly at the borders. One of the investments includes” Interpol at the borders”, and more will be invested in workshops and seminars to create awareness. Over 130 participants from all parts of the Dutch Kingdom, like the Netherlands, St. Maarten, and Bonaire, attended this webinar.

According to the CMMA coordinator, Mrs. Jeanette Richardson,  they opted for the virtual seminar because of the pandemic. With this webinar, the CMMA will continue to share information with those who work in law enforcement, including judges and prosecutors.

The current trajectory is long from the first notification of human trafficking and smuggling until it reaches the courthouse. Human trafficking is very complicated and requires adequate information. To help share this information with the participants, the organizers invited two Dutch experts with over 20 years of experience in the human trafficking and human smuggling field and the public prosecutor. They shared their expertise on how to put their cases together.

The focus of the webinar was on the investigation part, for example, what one has to take into account to have a solid case when presenting this in court. There will be more speakers who will share their knowledge with the participants.

The Minister expressed gratitude for the great initiative of the CMMA. This type of seminar is essential for the many Government departments and partners within the Dutch Kingdom.