The Prime Minister of Aruba congratulates Honduras for its first female president Xiomara Castro

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On Thursday, January 27, 2022, the Prime Minister of Aruba attended the inauguration of the Honduran president Mrs. Xiomara Castro.

President Castro is the first female President of Honduras, making this occasion extra special. The Prime Minister of Aruba, Aruba’s first female Prime Minister, attended the inauguration ceremony representing the Dutch Kingdom. During an interview with Honduran TV channel 11, the Prime Minister explained that she did not hesitate to be part of this historic event for Honduras when she received the invitation to represent the Dutch Kingdom. Both leaders have known each other for a while now. According to the Prime Minister, Aruba needs to expand its ties with Honduras. “We are currently in the recovery phase of Covid, and it is important to seek investors to rebuild our island. What Covid has taught us is the importance of working together and having alliances”.

Support of female leaders

The Prime Minister mentioned that it is more common to have male leaders. That is why it is imperative to support each other. “Once companies and organizations have female leaders, the women will bring other things to the table, like comprehension, empathy, and feelings. This is very important in the recovery from the Global Covid crisis. That is why I support the Honduran President”, the Prime Minister stated.

The Prime Minister expressed gratitude for the opportunity, hospitality, and warm welcome in Honduras. The Prime Minister on behalf of the Government of Aruba and the community of Aruba congratulates the people of Honduras with their new President Xiomara Castro. She hopes that the Hondurans support their new president in her endeavors.