European vaccination certification valid for 9 months

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Starting February 1, 2022, the rules will change regarding the valid term of the European Vaccination Certificate (Digital Corona Certificate of ‘DCC”).

The reason for this change is the effectiveness of the vaccine over time. As of February 1, 2022, the valid term for the European Vaccine Certificate will be nine months after taking the last vaccine of the basic series of vaccines, meaning the first and second Pfizer vaccine or one Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Individuals who only received the first two Pfizer vaccines or one Johnson & Johnson vaccine and did not receive their booster vaccine must be aware that many European countries will not accept the European Vaccination Certificate with the basic vaccine series older than nine months.

The validity of the European Vaccination Certificate cannot affect only the entrance into European countries but also the use of services in the hospitality area or cultural events. The validity period will be extended to nine months after receiving the booster vaccine.

The DVG urges everyone over 18 years to get their booster vaccine as soon as possible, at least three months after receiving the second Pfizer vaccine or the first Johnson & Johnson vaccine. The booster vaccine provides better protection against the Omicron variant. It also prevents complications and even hospitalization since the booster vaccine increases the number of antibodies in the person’s defense system.

Those recently infected with Covid19 should wait at least three months after testing positive for their booster vaccine.

The DVG also urges travelers to verify the destination’s vaccine and testing rules as each country has its Covid19 policies for travelers.