Aruba’s 25 Florin banknote nominated for “Banknote of the Year 2019”

265805 Pinchos- PGB promo Banner (25 x 5 cm)-5 copy

After more than 7 years of intense preparation, recently the Centrale Bank van Aruba (CBA) held the official launch of the new 2019 series florin banknotes. The International Bank Note Society revealed the nomination of the 25 Florin banknote for the “Banknote of the Year 2019 Award”. CBA congratulates the people of Aruba with this achievement and is looking forward to the announcement of the winning banknote in April 2020.

The 3 nominees for this award are the 25 Florin Aruba, the 5 Pound Northern Ireland and the 1000 Franc Switzerland. January 31st of 2020 will be the last day to submit nominations. During the journey of the making of these banknotes, the CBA worked in close cooperation with several local artists, various local and international experts from central banks and private sector consultants, as well as the internationally renowned banknote producer Crane

Currency. The main theme of these banknotes is “Life in Aruba”, containing elements of the Aruban flora, fauna, cultural heritage, monuments, and landmarks. Apart from the very colorful designs, these banknotes also contain the most advanced security features available on the market.

With the introduction of the 2019 banknote series, the CBA aims to maintain confidence in the florin and contribute in promoting the uniqueness and beauty of Aruba’s flora, fauna, cultural heritage, monuments, and landmarks. For future generations to be able to appreciate this as well, it is of utmost importance to continue to promote public awareness for the adequate preservation and conservation hereof.

Nominal amount Afl. Main color Design
10 Blue Chelonia Mydas/ Green Turtle/ Turtuga Blanco

Lactophrys Bicaudalis/ Spotted Trunk Fish/ Fototo

Gorgonia Ventalina/ Common Sea Fan/ Waira di Lama

25 Orange Icterus Icterus/ Troupial/ Trupial

Athene Cunicularia Arubensis/ Burrowing Owl/ Shoco

Passiflora Foetida/ Passion Flower/ Shoshoro

50 Red Gecarcinus Ruricola/ Red Land Crab/ Cangreu di Tera

Cnemidophorus Arubensis/ Aruba Whiptail Lizard/ Cododo

Sesuvium Portulacastrum/ Shoreline Purslane/ Banana di Rif

100 Green Iguana Iguana/ Iguana/ Yuwana

Anolis Lineatus/ Striped Anole/ Waltaka

Aloe Barbadensis/ Aloe/ Aloe

200 Brown Caracara Cheriway/ Crested Caracara / Warawara

Chrysolampis Mosquitus/ Ruby-topaz Hummingbird/ Dornasol

Opuntia Caracassana/ Leaf Cactus/ Tuna