Aruba Airport Authority N.V.’s Wings of Hope: UNESCO Schools Aruba Consortium wins SDG School Champion Challenge 2022

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Aruba Airport Authority N.V.’s (AAA) “Wings of Hope” (WoH) proudly announces UNESCO Schools Aruba Consortium (UNESCO) as the official winner of WoH’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) School Champion Challenge 2022.


On Saturday June 4, 2022, WoH held its SDG School Champion Challenge 2022 final event where a total of 12 schools participated. As part of WoH’s SDG Awareness goal, schools were given the opportunity to participate in a school champion project competition where they had to develop a Sustainable project plan with one or more of the SDGs as their primary goal for their schools.

A total of 12 Sustainable project plans were handed in to the WoH team by the schools including Colegio Bon Bini, St. Paulus School, Scol Paso Pa Futuro, EPB San Nicolas, Scol Practico Pa Ofishi St. Cruz, Graf von Zinzendorf School, John Wesley College, Nos Fortalesa Montessori School, Colegio Laura Wernet-Paskel, Colegio Pastoor Kranwinkel, Colegio Sagrado Curason and UNESCO (Colegio Hilario Angela, Prinses Amalia School-Basis, Edu Campus, International School of Aruba). The 12 Sustainable project plans were carefully reviewed by a group of industry professionals and at the final event, all schools had to give their final 8-minute pitch to the judges to complete their score.

In the presence of AAA’s CEO Mr. Joost Meijs and AAA’s WoH Team, UNESCO officially received the winning prize of AWG 20,000.00 by AAA’s Wings of Hope to successfully execute their Sustainable prioject plan. Grant Thornton Aruba also proudly presented the 2nd place winner Scol Practico Pa Ofishi St. Cruz (SPO) with AWG 1,000.00 and ACE Firm Engineering presented the 3rd place winner John Wesley College with AWG 500.00.

AAA WoH recognize the importance of Sustainability and their Corporate Social Responsibility towards the Aruban Community and look forward to continue including students and the Community in projects, and in doing so creating awareness on the importance of sustainable practices whilst encouraging all to embrace changes that create a better and more sustainable future for all.