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Photography is a fascinating art. The photographer takes you into her or his world and makes you look at a certain topic through her or his eyes. The reflection of emotions that counted for that moment touch your senses and many times a picture tells a story without speaking. Aruba has talented photographers, young, eager, creative and each with their own, particular style. Aruba Today presents to you three of these amazing personalities and a sip of their work.

Jonathan Petit
The jolly, always polite Jonathan Petit is a seen photographer on the island.

He seems to be everywhere and he is a flexible person to work with. “I am 24 years old and a wedding & fashion photographer based on the island of Aruba. My style is very much concept driven as I work closely with my clients to understand their vision and help them find unique locations that reflect their sentiments. Working on a small island never limited my creativity.” –


Anuar Habibe
Anuar Habibe is a stoked about culture. Besides his photography he is the founder of Culturaruba, a platform for culture and art.

Seven years ago he dived into the world of photography and was even more passionate about this art of expression after reading books related to photography. “I actually learned more than how to take pictures.

Visual design, laws of perceptual organization and the theory of colors as well as their influence on emotions.” His style is –in his own words- story telling, documentary and street photography. “Those are all related to each other, I capture life moments, life that is happening now while I am working, walking, feeling and moving. My pictures are connected to psychology and sociology. They are about people and their behaviors, our society and life.” To summarize you could say that he shows you ‘Art in everyday life’. “I show what I feel and often people tell me their interpretation which is a big compliment to me as that means it touched them.” –

Picture was taken in the district of Rancho in Oranjestad and is part of the series ‘Life on the streets’.

Michael-Anthony Fowler
A multitalented photographer as Michael-Anthony Fowler shoots weddings and families, but also made an impressive series of drug/alcohol addicts in the streets of Aruba.

He has a creative mind with always a social twist. His style is very natural and pure. “I have been working as a wedding, couple & family photographer for 2 years now, but this year I changed my style and focus to a more natural and environmental feel. Tourists in general wish to see and feel Aruba in their pictures and that often means sunset, beach and happiness.

My shoots consists of posed and more natural pictures. When I shoot I encourage my clients to be as silly and playful as possible as these turn into the best candid shots in my opinion.” –