Seagrasses form essential habitats

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All local seagrass species are protected by local law as they form an essential habitat for many marine species in important stages of their life cycles. Seagrass ecosystems are linked to endangered and protected species such as sea turtles and conch. Many fish species that contribute to fisheries also depend on these seagrasses.

Since the placement of the piers at Rodgers Beach, the seagrasses there are now more exposed to human activity. We encourage all visitors of the seagrass areas to ensure you do not trample or create a lot of water movement that can disturb or harm the seagrasses and their associated species.

FPNA has started investigating the seagrasses in the Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) of Parke Marino Aruba, in collaboration with the University of Aruba to add a practical aspect for second year SISSTEM-students in their course on Environmental Science. Additionally, there are two interns from Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences working with FPNA to develop a seagrass monitoring program by investigating the current state of the seagrasses to form a baseline.

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