The Art of Manifesting

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One may have read or heard about the law of attraction, a new age way of attracting to us what we want or need. But he Law of attraction in its deepest sense is not about attracting what we want or need but it is the law of manifesting what we are. In simple terms, we manifest who we are and not what we want, even when one does manifest what they want it would be temporary and slowly fades. True manifestation occurs at each moment. We send a frequency out of our inner state of consciousness and through the body onto the universe and just like an echo, the universe in turn sends us the same frequency back through people or situations.

Let’s say one is in a state of feeling lack, the universe brings to one more things that enhances the state of lack. When one perceives dishonesty around, one tends to attract more dishonest people. When one is rooted in peace, one attracts peaceful events. When one resists what is, one throws resistance on one’s own path, this eventually will be experienced. Goes the same with more positive emotions. To change our inner reality within oneself is key to transforming our outer reality.

Suresh Mirchumal is a spiritual writer. “Well, you can categorize it like that, although I don’t call myself one. These thoughts come in effortlessly.” His aim is in a way to reach out to whoever gets inspired or has an eye opening event within them that may transcend their current state of consciousness. “Or let’s say current emotional state too. If one in a thousand benefits, that is already great.” Due to the current world state, lots of struggles and stresses, we seem to lose touch with that inner peace that we long for, Suresh explains. “I wish to ease that through these small articles or tidbits.” You will find his tidbits in Aruba Today from now on, like a sunray of the day. If you wish to make use of Suresh his services like meditation or just a talk, please email to: