Start of the Financial Education Project to empower the citizen

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The Minister of Economic Affairs, Communication, and Sustainable Development, Geoffrey Wever, announces the start of the project “Finance in your home”.

This project is in connection with the management of National Financial Education. The goal of this project is for the people to obtain guidance and knowledge that helps them make financial decisions for their benefit.

Together with the Plan di Bida Foundation, which developed the Finance in your home project, it will offer a financial education program. The Plan di Bida Foundation is willing to share its expertise in this field and contribute to financial awareness.

According to a survey by the Central Bank of Aruba, 3 out of 10 households in Arubaspend more than they earn monthly. This development is very worrying because it indicates that these households have financial challenges each month to meet their financial obligations and needs such as rent, food, and personal expenses. It is essential, as a consumer, to know the impact of each financial decision on your wallet and family.

To facilitate support to the citizen, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Communication, and Sustainable Development will initiate the project Finances in your Home. This project is in the form of a course and will address four essential topics on how to manage your finances daily. These topics are:

Cash at home. How to save and buy without emotions;

I pay my debts. What will happen if I stop paying my debts?

Invest in the future. Our future and that of our children are important, and how to achieve our goals;

My budget. What are luxury and priority? How to budget according to your income and achieve your goals?

This course is given in Noord, Santa Cruz, San Nicolas, Paradera, Savaneta and Oranjestad.

Financial decisions require a certain degree of knowledge that is part of financial education.

According to Minister Geoffrey Wever, financial literacy is essential for the people, consumers, and country development.