Paseo mural art

265805 Pinchos- PGB promo Banner (25 x 5 cm)-5 copy

Paseo Herencia cordially invites you to see the magnificent mural art “UBUNTU Garden” created by students of Prinses Amalia School.

Last Saturday Paseo Herencia was honored and inspired by the amazing mural art designer Joyceline Abbath and her students from Prinses Amalia primary school. They created a mural artwork and gave it the theme of Flora & Fauna where they incorporated the Paseo’s shell icon from its logo in the center of the design. The group named the mural “UBUNTU Garden” which stands for “I am because we are”, because together greatness comes along. The students who took part of this project are: Jeandwin v/d Biezen, Tamara Govaard, Gabriella Odor, Anakena Rodrigues, Rebecca St. Fleur and Kristy Quandt. At the end they celebrated their great efforts at TGI Fridays with a delicious lunch. Come and see the beautiful mural art on the wall next to the elevator on the 2nd floor in the parking garage of Paseo Herencia.q