Partnership between the government and private sector necessary to revitalize city center

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For a while, members of Aruba’s Parliament, citizens, businessmen and different unions have expressed concern regarding the state of our city center. They accentuate on the responsibility of the government of Aruba to bring life back to the center of Oranjestad, a challenge that current minister of Economic Affairs, Mr. Geoffrey Wever inherited and assumed with both hands.

After much planning, last month minister Wever presented the first phase of the Revitalization of Oranjestad: enhancement of the area of Whilhelminastraat, which will begin this month.

He said also that together with the private sector, in the following months they will announce some projects, for apartments, student residences and to move government departments to the city center.

All of this could not be achieved without close cooperation between the private sector, financial institutions and the government.

Company for the execution of Phase One announced

After a process of public tender carried out by the Department of Public Works (DOW), a company was chosen to execute the infrastructure work regarding the first phase of the revitalization of Oranjestad: Arubaanse Wegenbouw Mij N.V. This company presented the best offer based on the requisites presented by DOW.

Discussions on the work with the company will begin this month to determine the starting date for construction. The duration of construction will be about 50 days. The first phase of enhancement for the area will be specifically the road of Columbusstraat, with its parking area, the crossing on Ooststraat and Wilhelminastraat and the road of Whilhelminastraat partially. Areas for pedestrians will be expanded, with more illumination, more plants and the area will have space to be used as terraces and public seating.

According to a press release, there is close communication and cooperation with all stakeholders to make sure that this project goes according to schedule and to create the least possible nuisance for those who use this area during the execution of the first phase of this project. Quality control and the complete process will be in the hands of DOW with support of the ministry of Economic Affairs, Communication and Sustainability, which is in charge of the revitalization of Oranjestad.

With this first phase, Wever wants to motivate and send a concrete signal to the private sector that the government of Aruba is committed to the revitalization of our city center.

“Our special attention for this area will not only benefit the area, but it is also a way to create more economic activity and investment for our country”, Wever said.