Family and friends wish a happy 40th year anniversary to Michael and Janet Ciurleo

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Their daughter Heather reached out to us in order to highlight and celebrate the wonderful 40th year anniversary of her parents, who will be celebrating this beautiful and special occasion on our Island.

Michael and Janet Ciurleo are from New York and have two children, namely Heather, who is married to their son in law Stephan, and Michael, who has a girlfriend named Lindsey. They have two dogs named DJ & Cooper and a fur grandchild Ruby. They have been owners at Divi Village & Golf since the year 2005, and have visited our Island 16 times, making this special trip their 17th.

The lovely couple will be celebrating the grand milestone in their marriage surrounded by the love of their family and friends, who send a special message to the couple; “We are so thankful to be celebrating your 40th anniversary in Aruba!”

Along with their loved ones, Aruba Today wishes them many more years filled with love, strength and unity in their marriage. We hope you have a wonderful time celebrating this beautiful special day.q