Dynamic dance show Club di Movimiento

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The theme for the dynamic dance show that was on this weekend in Aruba’s theatre Cas di Cultura was The Ocars. Dance school Club di Movimiento presented a colorful show where all students of the school showed their skills during an evening/afternoon filling event.

Director Samanta Westera-Juppa is proud of her dedicated students showing their talents during the annual dance recital. Oscar winning movies is a vivid theme and the costumes only were Oscar worthy. Some outstanding and inspiring movies that touched many of us in the heart served as elements of the performances. Ballet, pointes, folklore, tap, afro, urban fusion, Latin, contemporary, modern, jazz, lyrical, street dance and acrobatic aerial arts all formed part of the show where in the first part the youngest dancers participated and in the second act the more advanced dancers performed. One thing was very clear while watching this spectacle: Club di Movimiento is a family, the enthusiasm and dedication of the students but also the fun were obvious during the presentations. The theatre was completely filled with the audience that existed for a main part of the students’ families and friends. Most impressive part of the show for many was the dance on the theme of the movie Schindler’s List where the dancers acted as Jewish women suffering in a concentration camp. Westera-Juppa asked the audience for silence during this performance and explained to have chosen this heavy topic to bring awareness that this should never happen again. The dancers did a great job throughout the full show, of course the little ones were adorable and for sure everyone in the audience had her or his favorite Oscar movie heard by the end of the night.q