Orange-exhibition GN in Central Hall of Deventer City Hall

265805 Pinchos- PGB promo Banner (25 x 5 cm)-5 copy

A special exhibition inspired by the House of Orange will be on display in the Center Hall of the Deventer City Hall, in the months of April and May.

During opening hours, everyone is welcome at this exceptional exhibition that was canceled two years ago due to the Covid-lockdown. The well-known Deventer artist from Aruba, Gustave Nouel, wants to underline the bridging function of our Royal House and reflect this common identity between the kingdoms in our Kingdom with this exhibition of a series of portrait paintings entitled ‘Orange Faces’.

There will be an official culmination on King’s Day (April 27). It is the intention that the Orange Association (DOV) together with the City Hall, invite the Cabinet of the Minister Plenipotentiary of Aruba in The Hague, to say a few words about the bridging function of our Royal House and the official Aruban approach.

Professional artist GN had more than 200 exhibitions and countless international art projects…

In 1992 two paintings by GN were shown in the Netherlands Pavilion during the World Expo in Seville (Spain) and in 1993 Nouel was the first Deventer artist to hold a solo exhibition in Sibiu with masterclasses for professional Romanian artists, as part of a cultural exchange with Romania. Under the auspices of the Cultural Council Deventer and the support of the then WVC from The Hague. Royal Talens sponsored all painting materials for the successful masterclass. He has already been included in the Aruban Hall of Fame among the ten most famous Arubans of all times. While still alive.

Gustave Nouel, is a well-known Caribbean artist with an academic and post-academic education, who has gained a lot of experience in various countries, among street artists and street painters from all over the world. As a ‘street portraitist’, GN drew and painted on the street, in squares and also at art fairs and all kinds of international art activities. This allowed GN to develop an elementary, universal course and share many ‘portrait secrets’ of street portrait artists with interested parties, both internationally and in his own region, in recent years.