Ling & Sons Food Market offers freshest lunch

Ling & Sons Food Market has undergone a tremendous metamorphose with a fresh, great-looking interior style, hot new food items and a pick-your-own fresh lunch corner. Whether you are into a fresh, crisp salad or a hot meal: this is the perfect place to pick your own lunch. Create your combination of among others greens, quinoa, pasta salad, potato salad, crab salad, red cabbage, eggs, sweet corn, several cheeses and a selection of tasteful dressings.

On the other side of the salad bar you will find a wide array of olives, filled peppers and pickles while another bar tempts you into fresh-prepared hot food items like chicken, stews, fish, pasta, rice, veggies and much more. Check out their Facebook page for the daily menu and go get your great value lunch. Ling & Sons is known for its quality products from all over the world. It is groceries like home. Note that every Tuesday the Food Market offers 20 % off fruits and veggies and each Thursday the same discount applies to all meats. It’s a Red Thursday indeed!