Super Kids Tri-Series has a successful Triathlon

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Oranjestad – On saturday the 20th of may, early in the morning kids and teens from 6 to 17 years of age arrived at Rodgers Beach full of excitement to participate and compete in the third event of the Super Kids Tri-Series, which was a Triathlon.

This marked the third event in the Super Kids Tri-Series that Stichting Sportsz 4 U organized in relation to the celebration of their 10th anniversary.

With a lot of enthusiasm the kids put to practice everything they learned in this series that ended this Saturday with a Triathlon. With loud cheers and applause, parents, grandparents, siblings and friends cheered on the kids. One of the most beautiful aspects witnessed was when the littlest kids were about to give up, the older kids stopped to run alongside them and help them get to the finish line. Even parents, siblings and friends would run along the kids to cheer them on and motivate them during the last 100 meter sprint. It was beautiful to see the kids doing their best and showcasing everything they learned.

On top of learning about Aquathlon, Duathlon and Triathlon they also learned about sportsmanship and never giving up. No matter how tired you are, keep going and cross the finish line. It was a successful morning that will not be the last one. The preparations have already started for next year and when the Super Kids Tri-Series will continue with its second edition.

Some of these kids will be competing this Saturday at Linear Park in the Kids of Steel competition organized by Aruba Triathlon Association.

Congratulations to Stichting Sportsz 4 U with the first edition of Super Tri-Kids Series and a thank you to all the parents who allowed their kids to participate and cheered them on!