I am every woman

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At the beginning of the Main Street, you will find the sophisticated and stylish win-dow of Affaire de Femmes in a black-gold-silver setting with mannequin dolls that show different styles with stand-out looks, straight elegance with a nonchalant edge. Bernadette: “Yes, you notice the difference. I sell European designer brands that make you feel every women and because they are a sustainable product it does not only make you look beautiful but also consider our environment.” It all started with the feeling she had when she dresses in her favorite fashion. “I feel just great and that is the energy you give out. People react to that and women love to be admired, let us be honest.” She owns another Affaire de Femmes boutique in Curacao that opened in 1998. “For years I had in mind to start another one in Aruba, but I waited for the right opportunity. And here we are in the Main Street of Oranjestad.”

Dress to make an impactUpon entering the store, dynamic energy welcomes you with a smile. Bernadette’s passion for fashion is in her blood. “Since I was a little girl I got crazy about dress-ing up.” Her style is cool elegant and that reflects in the boutique’s collection. “I love a woman’s look when it is classy and comfy. You need to be able to move around.” The store carries a varied collection. Every woman can find her vibe, there. The brands are strict-ly European, such as Anne Fontaine, a French-based company. “A great white blouse, a cool jeans and glam heels. That’s Anne Fontaine.” Looks brimming with timeless elegance. French class with a smooth fit.From Milan, the brand Pa-trizia Pepe takes fashion from flirty dresses to tailor-made look. Italian rock glam in a deliberate mini-malist tone you could say so. Top quality that fits like your skin. Perfect for the confident woman. Anoth-er of the Italian brands is Closed, based in Germany, is characterized as comfy and casual. .Repeat is all about cash-mere caressing the skin. Dutch top model, Doutzen Kroes, is the face for this easy chic exclusive brand. The most luxurious materials are combined with style. Affaire de Femmes has it all for the confident woman who knows what she likes. Bernadette: “Most women that come in here know what they want. Whether you need a cool rock look, business office, evening gala, sportive look…. Af-faire de Femmes has got your back.” Italian high heels and sneakers are also part of the store’s of-fering. What else to say? This is clearly a case to go and see for yourself. Affaire de Femmes convinces with quality and will show you that every woman shines.

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