Prohibited by law: Tourist leaving the island with seashells, white sand and corals

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For the last months the customs department at the airport intercepted many tourists leaving the island with seashells, white sand and corals as souvenirs.

Conform the international treaty of CITES and our local law which protects our Flora & Fauna, it is completely prohibited to take any seashell, sand and coral outside of Aruba, this in order to protect our environment. The high amount of seashell, sand and corals confiscated is very strange and it is suspected that our own locals are the once selling these to the tourists, which is unacceptable.

Upon confiscation at the airport the tourist also faces a fine that they have to pay before leaving. This is surely not a pleasant experience for the tourist. This also leads to a negative reaction which can put our tourism in a negative light.

Let’s all give nature the respect it deserves by protecting our environment. Stop collecting seashells, white sand and corals from our shores and stop selling these to our tourist. We want our future generations and visitors to enjoy the beauty of our beaches, shells and corals. Let’s all protect what is ours!