Happy Halloween at Renaissance Marketplace

Halloween was knocking on the door last Sunday and Renaissance Marketplace scared the hell out of the public. The very ‘spooky’ festivity was a blast and many took the opportunity to be part of this great event. The decoration was exuberant and included a grave yard, strolling zombies, scary sounds and smoke effects. The stage was filled with children in the most creative Halloween costumes.

Many grabbed the opportunity to take a picture with their fav zombie and of course what would a Halloween celebration be without the traditional ‘Trick or Treat’? Renaissance Marketplace offered special games for the children where they could win nice prices for example for the Best Costume. There was also face painting, a magic show and a dance show. The mall turned into a Halloween zone with the zombies, ghosts and much more. The Horror Fest was definitely an excitement and the Marketplace a full house.

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