Artwork artist Omaira Silva at the library

265805 Pinchos- PGB promo Banner (25 x 5 cm)-5 copy

The National Library of Aruba is happy to announce that the local mosaic artist Mrs. Omaira Silva will work on an art project at the library.

The library wants a beautiful garden around its main building in George Madurostraat 13 and will plant fruit plants and trees. There is also an open-air theater, where they show movies during the fall school vacation.

Mrs. Silva will make flora and fauna designs on the library’s back wall in the Hofi Joy, that will be including two cement benches.

Mrs. Silva wants the artwork to be a community project and invites all young people to help work on it during this ongoing school vacation. The library invites the youth to visit and make an appointment with the artist.

By helping on this community project, they will get the opportunity to learn how to make mosaic artwork. The artist will work on the art project during the morning. It will be a fabulous artwork and will be permanently displayed on the wall for all of the Aruban community as well as its visitors to visit and enjoy.

Mrs. Silva is known for her mural art in Aruba which at displayed at Paseo Herencia, Murals in San Nicolas for the Aruba Art Fair, Costa Linda, Eagle Beach playground and her studio in Ponton.