Government honors Tali for his cultural musical contribution

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Recently, Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes in the name of the government of Aruba was present at the occasion of the honoring of Nero Tali Wever. Tali is a legendary musician who is part of Aruba’s musical cultural heritage and who, through his talent and career, was an ambassador for Aruba around the world.

Prime Minister Wever-Croes represented Minister of Finance and Culture, Xiomara Maduro who is currently abroad attending the Annual Meetings of IMF.
The honoring took place at the Cas di Cultura in the presence of family, acquaintances, friends and loved ones of Tali.

From a young age, Tali discovered his musical talent. He began singing with 12 years old, and when he became a little older he began with his first guitar. It was notable that Tali didn’t receive any lessons to learn how to play. He would listen to popular guitarists and learned that way.

His musical trajectory began together with his group of friends, serenading the neighborhoods, singing at family birthdays, at homes of acquaintances and during the popular parties at the end of the year.
Afterwards, Tali began performing at hotels and here his international musical trajectory began.

Through his good interpretations and his varied repertoire as well as his great interpretation of songs in various languages, he garnered interest among promoting agents who loved his show. Thus he was invited to go perform abroad and Tali got many contracts outside of Aruba and lived in many different countries, among others Puerto Rico, the United States, Canada, France, Colombia, Venezuela and Curaçao. Obviously in all these countries Tali would promote our country and our language Papiamento during his international performances.

Tali is known among his family and friends as a person with a quiet character, responsible and dependable. Tali takes good care of his voice and at 83 years old, Tali is still working at what he loves the most: playing guitar, creating an ambiance, bringing joy in other people’s hearts at hotels and restaurants in Aruba.

In the name of the Government of Aruba, Prime Minister Wever-Croes thanked the ‘Semper Tali’ Commission (‘Always Tali’), which consists of his friends coming together and with great love organizing this beautiful honoring. In the name of the government of Aruba, she thanked Nero ‘Tali’ Wever for his important contribution on the field of music and culture. “Thank you for all the pleasant moments which delighted our people with the beautiful music. Thank you for the years that you were an ambassador for Aruba through your music and your performances abroad. You are our singer, you are our artist, our entertainer, a musical legendary. Aruba is very proud of your talent, that you dedicated your entire life to music and that you are renowned locally and internationally”, she said.

“Tali, I want you to know that Aruba appreciates you. That God can continue pouring blessings on Tali and for one and all to continue enjoying your amazing interpretations. As the Minister of Culture, Xiomara Maduro says, ‘Culture is something you have to live’. Tali is part of our cultural musical heritage”, she finalized saying.