Fireworks and pets. What you need to know!

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As we are approaching the end of 2021, we would like to remind the community that pets do not enjoy fireworks as humans do.

Loud unexpected firework sounds can scare even the most relaxed dog or cat. Why? Dogs hear sounds four times louder, whereas cats can hear sounds almost ten times louder than humans.

Some pets find shelter at home during the New Year’s celebration, while many get desperate and flee their homes and the sounds.

Some dogs like fireworks and try to grab the lit fireworks with their mouths. These can cause burns that will require emergency vet intervention.

That is pet owners must be extra vigilant with their pets around the fireworks.

How to keep your pets safe around fireworks:

  • Keep your pets indoors at a safe location during the use of fireworks.
  • turn on a radio or TV to distract the pets;
  • stay close to them and keep them busy;
  • provide extra attention that they deserve.

The pet’s fear can cause them to find a way out of the yard while trying to find shelter from the loud sounds.

There are some ways to find the pets back in the event they run away;

Make sure your pet has a tag on its collar with your information. It is advisable to have the pet microchipped at the vet.

A microchip will give your pet an identification number that can be useful when tracking if they runoff. When found, a vet can scan the microchip and locate the owner. Ask your vet if tranquilizers are optional for your pets. Tranquilizers need to be administered only if necessary and in the correct doses.

If the pet is not microchipped, take a recent photo of the pet to use if it is lost. Make sure the information of the Microchipped pet is accurate and up to date, including current address and phone number.