Episode CCXXIV – 224: From out of our hearts

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In this episode, we at Etnia Nativa would like to make use of the opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to Caribbean Speed Printing and its Aruba Today newspaper, which since 2019 has been collaborating by sharing our cultural topics regarding island culture, social heritage, ethical, and political values of our beloved rock. Revealing the insides of Aruba to the world and fulfilling our mutual objectives, we also thank the acceptance of our readers, since without them; all our efforts would be echoed in the wilderness.

We are so happy that our episodes have provided new sources of interest by highlighting the Aruba native side of its cultural image, contributing to and increasing a notable interest in getting to know the island life from within—a peek into the real and authentic Aruba.
One of the facets and objectives of Etnia Nativa is to share its knowledge through our private selective lectures in its unique facility and through our shared literature, much of which is directed to this prestigious newspaper, offering a continued flow of interesting cultural articles.

Aruba has a very valuable intangible cultural heritage that includes oral traditions, performing arts, rituals, festive events, and the knowledge and skills to create traditional foods, arts, and crafts. A “living heritage” that includes practices, expressions, knowledge, and techniques transmitted from generation to generation; sharing these traditions is Etnia Nativa’s objectives by positioning itself as a tour de force of Aruba’s heritage, covering the artistic, literary, philosophical, linguistic, historical, ethnographic, sociological, and its collective idiosyncrasy, presenting an essential inside tour for anyone interested in the native legacy and roots of its original inhabitants who in time intermarried new comers of the” old world “.
Etnia Nativa has been a trend setter since 1994, having the honor of inspiring Aruba’s Certification Program, Cosecha Gallery, Kulture Café, Art Gallery`s, a wide range of artists and respective foundations, tour guides and their companies, taxi drivers, hotels, AirB&B, Aruba Art Fair, and other organizations in and around Aruba, in addition to having actively participated in the realization of the island’s National Park project and Archaeological Museum. Its gratitude goes to all of them who, with their daily actions, are contributing to spreading the culture of Aruba, with the main goal of providing visitors with valuable knowledge of their island destination.
Five years have already flown since we received a call from Aruba Today representatives, who saw our value in offering to frame the objectives of Etnia Nativa and so facilitate its readers to think like locals. The idea is to encourage island visitors to actively participate in a unique cultural activity that spreads the love for Aruba beyond its snow-white beaches by engaging in a completely different island experience. This newspaper deserves our gratitude for creating new and innovative sections to further disseminate Aruba’s culture. Etnia Nativa feels comforted that its objectives are being spread through the “Island-Insight “platform, which has expanded our knowledge internationally.
To conclude this letter, it is also relevant to thank all our exclusive visitors, especially the young children, who, with patience and interest, enjoyed an amusing educational lecture by touring our facility. These little visitors strengthen a unique cultural project that widens their perspective of world cultures.
In appreciation of our joint tasks, Aruba Today and Etnia Nativa, we are expressing our gratitude to everyone involved for their sincere efforts and love for Aruba, our beloved rock.
Etnia Nativa as a disclosing educational project was born out of the initiative and determination of a couple, Silvia and Anthony, the wizards behind initiative, who understood the importance of conserving, protecting, and displaying exclusive family collections of objects, art works, antiques, photographs, and more, all rooted in Aruba since 1640.
Anthony’s extensive general knowledge concerning archaeology, flora, fauna, art, and more initially sparked great interest among his close friends, who insisted that the valuable legacy had to be shared with everyone, culminating in what today has become one of Aruba’s major private attractions, an authentic hidden gem and destination experience.



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