Congratulations to our Girls U14 and Boys U15 soccer team athletes

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Recently, in a special ceremony, the Government of Aruba honored the boys and girls soccer teams who won the titles of Sub Champion and Champion in the CFU Challenge Series 2021 championships.

The Aruba Boys U15 selection won the title of Sub Champion, the Aruba Girls U14 selection became Champion in the international soccer competition.

In front of the government building, on behalf of the government of Aruba, Prime Minister Evelyn Wever welcomed our athletes and thanked them for putting in high place the name of Aruba in the world of sports.

Also present were Minister Dangui Oduber, Minister Xiomara Maduro, Ursell Arends and Raymond Kamperveen of the RAIZ political party, Darlaine Guedes Erasmus of the MEP political party, and Randolf Lacle, President of the Aruba Football Federation.

The Prime Minister expressed how proud she is of our athletes, especially since they were the most disciplined during their stay in the Dominican Republic. At the end of the ceremony, the athletes, outfitted in their beautiful uniforms, received a medal as an Ambassador of Aruba. The Government of Aruba, on behalf of the people of Aruba, congratulated and thanked our athletes for their achievement.