Stickhouse: Italian passion ice cream handmade in Aruba

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Unique taste and a healthy dessert is what you get with ice cream of Stickhouse Aruba. This artisanal ice cream is handmade on a daily base with fresh fruits and 100 % natural ingredients. Owners Claudia Hernandez and Randolph Arends fell in love with this product when travelling in Italy and decided to offer you the opportunity to experience the real Italian gelato….. here in Aruba. This is your tasty, vegan, gluten-free and non-dairy treat, indulge in La Dolce Vitta!

Picture this: wife Claudia preparing the natural bases of the gelato tastes in her artisanal atelier while husband Randolph works the machines that require some manly strength. “The bases are made with fresh fruits only and go into the malls to freeze. The rules to prepare the gelato are strict and we can only leave them in for a certain time. To get them out I need a lot of strength, it is my daily work-out,” Randolph jokes. Their little daughter has the difficult task to try every flavor and give her honest and experienced opinion. This is what they call a family business for real, this ice cream is made with love and passion which are the original ingredients of the Italian ice makers from the start. Gelato represents one of the most famous and successful Italian histories worldwide. The art of making gelato in Italy has been a family business for a long time, indicative of great passion and creativity handed down from father to son. Thanks to technology and Italian creativity, in 2009 was launched Stickhouse franchising, an innovative project that allows you to taste a gelato on a stick in Aruba daily made with genuine ingredients. A great tradition has been reinvented!

More Than 50 Flavors

Coco, strawberry cheesecake, vanilla, hazelnut, pistachio, chocolate, mango, strawberry, kiwi, watermelon and lemon belong to your world of choices here. But there is much more. Claudia added some of her Latin spirit with tamarind, Dulce de Leche and soursop.  “Remember, this is a full tasty ice cream with vitamins kept in.” The success on a stick was soon discovered by other places on the island which resulted in the newest service: delivery of freezers. “The mini market Wine & Spirit at Playa Linda Beach Resort, beach bar Kadushi and the Starbucks at Hyatt resort and restaurant Happy Bowl at Renaissance Marketplace offer their selection of Stickhouse delight. We fill them up on a daily base. And of course besides these locations we have our real Italian ice cream cart with terrace in Paseo Herencia Mall.” Stickhouse is not only extremely yummy, Randolph explains that this ice cream can be custom made meaning he can make your gelato on a stick in the colors of the flag or company, anything. “A great idea for a National Day or company event.”

Curious about this little touch of Italy? Make sure you find your way to one of the below locations. The ice cart at Paseo is open from 5.30 to 10 PM daily. We know for sure you will be stoked, just like us. Buon appetite!q