Closure of the Shete entrance to Parke Nacional Arikok as of 1 April, 2019

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SAN FUEGO ― Fundacion Parke Nacional Aruba (FPNA) is currently working on a reorganization process in order to better the efficiency of its operations and thereby better meet its objectives. FPNA’s main objectives are to preserve nature, create opportunities for education and research, preserve historical and cultural places and artefacts in the park and to also be a recreational destination for locals and tourists. Simultaneously with the reorganization, FPNA is also preparing to start major maintenance of the buildings and the infrastructure of roads, facilities and communications.

In connection with the refining of our conservation tasks, it is necessary to close the entrance at Shete of Parke Nacional Arikok. The increase in usage of this route in recent years has caused inconvenience to the neighboring households and with regard to nature conservation, every road through the park has a negative influence due to noise pollution as well as dust and waste pollution. The closing of the entrance at Shete will allow for better control and reduce the number of areas within the park that are affected by traffic.

The entrance at Shete will close on 1 April 2019. With the definitive closure of the entrance at Shete, all visitors to the park wishing to visit Conchi (Natural Pool) will have to continue the route via the visitor center (main entrance) in San Fuego and then follow the road via Sero Arikok to Conchi.

In the coming weeks, this route to Conchi will be repaired in such a way that it will be more accessible for the adequate vehicles, pertaining to the maximum speed of 20 km / h (park rule). FPNA is counting on the cooperation and understanding of all visitors, tour operators and UTV / Quad Racer Rentals for the aforementioned change, which will benefit the conservation of nature in the park.

In order for the aforementioned change to go as smoothly as possible, FPNA will grant a transition period of two weeks, mainly for those who are unaware of the aforementioned change. Park rangers will be present at the entrance at Shete during this transition period to guide visitors and give instructions on how to proceed. q