Choreographer Raisa Montilla is preparing an exciting show for Carnival Queen Election

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Preparing a candidate for competition in a Carnival Queen election requires a big team working long days to ensure everything is ready for when the day comes. Choreographer Raisa Montilla explains a bit about the preparation process for a carnival queen show and everything that goes into it.

Montilla explains that the preparation for a show takes a long time, not only to train the dancers that will perform on stage, but also to come up with the choreography before she begins teaching them the dance.

“Ideally the preparation for a show will start at least a month before the election takes place. This is specifically regarding the show, the aspect of choreography. Considering the queen herself and other elements, the preparation needs to start even earlier,” she says.

Montilla explains that this year she is in charge of the choreography for a candidate that will be competing in the election. This is not the first time that Montilla is involved in a show for a carnival queen, but it is the first time she is in charge of the choreography for the show on her own.

“In the past I have helped with different carnival dances and queen shows, but this is the first time I am creating the choreography on my own and I am in charge of the entire process of the show,” she commented.

Regarding the queen election this weekend, Montilla indicated that she is very excited to see her kids dancing on stage and she is hoping for a positive role.

“I know that the kids will give a great performance and the queen as well. The hope is always there that the results will be positive for us” – meaning that their queen will be crowned winner – “it would be a great achievement. But with or without these results, what’s important is putting on a great show and for the children to enjoy their night on stage,” she commented.

Montilla has a long trajectory in the world of dance. She has been dancing since she was six years old, and until she was 26, she was part of different dance groups, and later transitioned from dancer to choreographer. “I believe dance will always be an important part of my life. Even though after having children the balance shifted a bit, I am still active and it is an important part of who I am,” she emphasized.