Aruba Karate Bond successfully completed first National Course for Referee and Coach

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It was a historical moment in the trajectory of Aruba Karate Bond (AKB) when on Thursday 13th of October 2022, the first national course for referee and coach took place at the Hyatt Place Business Center in a very positive and nice atmosphere.

The board of Aruba Karate Bond, under Chairman Felix Tromp congratulates instructor sensei Gustavo Velasquez for his great contribution in preparing and giving the course to a total of 16 participants.

The participants are members of Aruba Karate bond of the organizations SKIF Aruba, RyuBuKai Aruba and Shotokai Aruba. They were Shawn-Carl Solagnier, Tiana Tromp, Juan David Velasquez, Genesis Tromp, Jeshua Mejia, Olga Guaitarilla, Mariana Rodriguez, Edith Shaw Vargas, Bachera Marin, Andrés Piña, Lipika Motwani, Frederik Quandus, Jean Pierre Winterdaal, Jesus Calderon, Kyran Tromp and Zillion Brugés.

The course covered all rules of the World Karate Federation. Also the course included different tips for kumite (combat between karateka) and kata (karate technique and imaginary combat) divided under the function of either referee or coach.

The course ended in an exam where four participants succeeded as referee, nine succeeded as coach, and three are from the selection (Jeshua Mejia, Kyran Tromp and Zillion Bruges) who participated as a test (to measure) their theoretical knowledge in order to be better prepared for championships.

The board of Aruba Karate Bond congratulates the participants and said they are preparing for the special day in which they will hand out certifications. Finally, the board thanked its group of volunteers who always help to execute this type of events.