Central Bank of Aruba: Booklets on new banknotes to every household & free educational app

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The Central Bank of Aruba (CBA) strives to attain the highest standards of safety, security, and efficiency of Aruba’s payment system. In order to further make known the security features of the new 2019 series florin banknotes among the Aruban community, this week the CBA distributes an informative booklet to all households.

This booklet contains information on the origin, background, project organization, and security features of this new series. This booklet can also serve as a reference book, because it has an extensive description of the banknotes. All Aruban households will have access to this useful booklet with explanation and illustration on the new banknote series. In addition, the CBA has developed a free app, which can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play, to introduce the safety features of the new banknotes. This app enables the possibility to discover all features of the banknotes in a playful and approachable way.

Security features on our banknotes help to spot counterfeits

According to a research just recently conducted in the UK, the 3-D banknote security feature on the new banknotes helps reduce the circulation of counterfeit banknotes. This research confirms that the new florin banknotes are state-of-the-art in terms of both innovation and design.

Miriam Gonzalez, Executive Director of the CBA: “After the successful introduction of the new banknotes last year, people are used to the new appearance. Thus, this is the right moment to take the Aruban community a step further in getting fully familiarized with the banknotes, by exploring the security features and having some fun in doing so. The app is both educational and entertaining, allowing the Aruban public to get to know more in-depth the unique design and features, and the story behind these banknotes. For those not having a smartphone or a tablet, the booklet is a perfect alternative.”

International attention

About the Centrale Bank van Aruba

The main purpose of the Centrale Bank van Aruba (CBA) is to contribute to the financial stability and economic well-being of the Aruban community. The CBA accomplishes this mission by implementing an effective monetary policy aimed towards maintaining the value of the florin, by promoting the soundness and integrity of the financial system, and by providing an efficient and reliable payment system.

Besides these core tasks, the CBA is also the sole issuer of florin banknotes and florin coins, and acts as banker to the Government of Aruba. In addition, it regulates the flow of international payments, manages the available foreign exchange reserves of Aruba, and supervises the spending thereof.

For more information on the Centrale Bank van Aruba, please visit the website www.cbaruba.org