California Lighthouse is closed for the public

Five years after the restauration of the California Lighthouse, Foundation Monuments Fond Aruba (SMFA) will start with the maintenance work on this monument. From February 16th up till the beginning of April the lighthouse at Hudishibana will be closed for the public.

Contractor Projexon Group, won the public tender last year and will be in charge of the maintenance. In the interior they will be plastering the walls, painting the walls, repairing the wooden stairs and windows. The biggest change will be the installation of a rope known as ‚Äėstair handrail‚Äô in order to make climbing to the top easier and safer, but also to prevent people from touching the walls inside.

For what is the plaster of caulk that needs to be applied, there will be an expert of Limeworks Company that will guide the whole application process of the product. That way they will be able to ensure that it will be done correctly. In this case it is extremely important to use the original material, which is the caulk, not only for it to last longer, but also to lower the maintenance cost. SMFA will be documenting this application process.

The location of the lighthouse and also due to the fact that the lighthouse was open to the public for the past five years, are factors that led to the deterioration of the lighthouse quicker than expected and therefor was decided to give it its proper maintenance in time. SMFA has a multi-year maintenance plan for all its monuments which indicates the maintenance works on each and every one of them in order to guarantee their good appearances.

SMFA would like to thank Experitours and the general public for their understanding and cooperation for the time that the lighthouse will be closed.