Aruba To Me messages from our friends!

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Bon Bini Doug and Carla New Jersey: “What Aruba Means to me is our home away from home. We have been traveling to Aruba for 25 years, 2 x’s per year for the last 10 years. We were not able to meet with all of our Aruba family for our 29th Anniversary trip scheduled for April 28th which we were disappointed to have missed. Our home base is at the Barceló on Palm Beach. We have been staying at the resort since it was the Americana many years ago. Our prayers go out to all of our friends on the Island that they are all safe during this Pandemic. We hope to make it back home to the island for our next scheduled trip coming up in September.”

Joosten: “We are supposed to fly to Aruba July 11 to visit family and friends. We only see them once in the two years. My sweet friend Merrylene and I are in this picture, we went together to the Aruban local school Mon Plaisir College. We also were colleagues in the Netherlands in the city of Nijmegen and we agreed on meeting each other every two years. I pray for it to come true this year. Stay safe!”

Erin Byrne: “Aruba to me means making memories that will last a lifetime, quality time with my loves, and being surrounded by the most beautiful ocean my eyes have seen..  . This photo was taken in October 2018. There had been a hurricane off island and the waves were enormous. The Hilton beach had flooded so we took a drive and found this spot. The water was spraying through the blow holes and it created a magical moment for my then 5 year old. It was awesome!”