Birds flying high

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On May 11th, 2010, the Aruba Birdlife Conservation (ABC) was founded with the aim of protecting the biodiversity in general and birds in and around Aruba in particular. Among other things, the foundation will focus on increasing the survival chances of species of wild birds by promoting their preservation and conservation.

The foundation publishes the most beautiful pictures of local birds on their social media that show us the beauty of Aruba’s birds and nature in general. Have a look at their latest bird beauties.

Tricky choices

The rains are strengthening the synchronizations of our flora and fauna. Cacti are bearing fruit as offerings to our birds. Both are working on the next generation and need each other in the process. Sometimes the cacti can abundantly produce fruit which can make the choices a bird has to make seem like a real luxury problem. Both of these fruits are ready for harvesting.
But like in the case of humans who are offered a chocolate from a box of different kinds of chocolates, the well-known “tricky” question arises …. Which one of these chocolates has my name written all over it? Let me take a last closer look at the options, before I make a wrong choice and miss out on the sweetest among them. Will it be the one to the right, or the one to the left? A Crested Bobwhite before a very tricky choice! In Papiamento: Patrishi.


Bird migration is in its peak point. Like our tourists they love to eat the best when they arrive in Aruba. A Black-bellied Plover enjoying a hearty Aruban seafood meal at Aruba’s National Park.
Let us be kind to our migratory guests! In Papiamento: Lopi gris.