Aruba Monuments Guide takes you behind the Stage

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ORANJESTAD ā€” Aruba! Everyone knows our tropical island in the sun with pearly white beaches and palm trees swaying in the trade winds. But thereā€™s more to Aruba than this. It has a fascinating history, a diverse culture and a rich architecture.

Traces can still be found of the original indigenous inhabitants, and of the gold industry and aloe plantations. The islands architectural heritage includes historic churches, a fort and a lighthouse. And you will come across the islands characteristic cunucu houses wherever you go.

The Aruba Monuments Guide by Michel Bakker and Olga van der Klooster will lead you through this wonderful cultural heritage along three routes: one driving route around the entire island, and two walking routes in the cities of Oranjestad and San Nicolas. You will discover places known only to insiders. And of course this guide also provides historical backgrounds and practical information. Try it!