Aruba Innovation Summit 2022

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After two years, FUTURA and its collaborators are back with another edition of the Aruba Innovation Summit, The New Era of Reinvention, to be held on August 31, 2022, at the Renaissance Convention Center.

The theme of Reinvention inspires everyone to use their abilities to reinvent themselves. This transformative conference will allow participants to receive tips and valuable knowledge and general ideas, redefine what is possible, and be up to date with the latest trends.

The 3rd Edition of the Innovation Summit will have local and international speakers from different industries with ample experience in innovation. It allows participants to expand their network, be part of discussions and interactive sessions and receive tips and knowledge on how to reinvent themselves and their career, organization, or business.

The first speaker is Mr. Roger Osorio, an expert in reinvention and the author of The journey to Reinvention: How to build a Life in alignment with your values, passion, and purpose. Mr. Osorio is the founder of The School of Reinvention and a professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

Roger has worked with thousands of people worldwide who have started their journey of reinvention. During Innovation Summit, Roger will be sharing his insights and actionable steps that you can take as you embark on your journey towards life, career, or business aligned with your values, passion, and purpose.

Danilo Weiner will be another keynote speaker at the upcoming Innovation Summit! Danilo is a passionate innovator who believes in the power of creativity and innovation to impact every facet of our lives. As the Director of Product Innovation at Mastercard, Danilo is leading efforts to reimagine what is possible across the company’s entire suite of solutions, including Mastercard’s Labs as a Service (LaaS) capability.

He will be sharing his thoughts on what it takes to create new products and services that benefit both customers and businesses, as well as his insight on how organizations can embrace reinvention to ensure their businesses stay relevant in the long term.

The last keynote speaker is Mrs. Rowena Marin.

A leader in innovation, Rowena is an author, trainer, and Global Agency Lead at Google in New York. Passionate about self-development, she leads a global training program on finding purpose and meaning. She believes in constantly challenging the status quo and gaining clarity on the true drivers behind an individual’s desire to succeed.

In addition, Mrs. Marin will lead an interactive session with the participants.

The Innovation Summit will wrap up with local experts panel who also reinvented or have reinvented themselves, their careers, or organizations.

The Innovation Summit 2022: The New Era of Reinvention will start on August 31, 2022, from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm, followed by a Networking Event for participants.

General admission for participants is Afl. 175, and for students Afl. 75,-, and includes lunch, refreshments, coffee, and tea during the Summit.

For more information, schedule and tickets, please visit Tickets can be purchased using or bank transfer. For group tickets or questions, send your email to

FUTURA Lab is collaborating with different local and international organizations on innovative projects and initiatives to stimulate the innovation and knowledge capacity of the Aruban community. For additional information about FUTURA and the Innovation Summit, contact and follow FUTURA on social media platforms.