ARUBA DOET participates in Carnival 64

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ORANJESTAD – Aruba Doet is the biggest volunteer event on the island, taking place beginning of March. On the way to the event, the organization participates in community initiatives like in this case carnival. Together with Unity Carnival Group and a group of people with limitations they will participate in the big carnival parades this coming weekend.

The grand carnival parades this Saturday and Sunday are the best opportunity to see and feel what carnival is about here on our island. This main cultural event will show you about 9 different carnival groups, dancing and parading in front of you in each their typical costumes. The group with Aruba Doet, Unity and the people with limitations is a very special one. They show that everybody counts and can be part of all community events. Despite the fact that you have a mental of physical limitation you can still enjoy the carnival vibes!

The foundations that participate are PasadiaBriyo di Solo, Sonrisa, Trampolin pa Trabao, CasSjabiruri, Man na Obra, Biba Bao Guia and Ambiente Feliz. On their Facebook pages you can find more information about these valuable foundations. The clients will prepare their own costumes and the band Hot Ones Band will take care of the live music during the two parades. All are very excited to have this experience and Aruba Doet is happy to be part of this special carnival group.

About Aruba Doet

Friday the 9th and Saturday the 10th of March 2018, CEDE Aruba in cooperation with the Oranje Fonds will be organizing ARUBA DOET,the biggest volunteer event on Aruba.The Netherlands and five Caribbean islands highlight these volunteer initiatives and they stimulate everyone to donate their time to help out the people who need it. This helps everyone! The event ARUBA DOET started in 2013 on the initiative of the Oranje Fonds. Under the names NLdoet (The Netherlands), ARUBA DOET (Aruba), CURA DOET (Curaçao), BON DOET (Bonaire), STATIA DOET (Sint Eustatius) and SXM DOET (Sint Maarten), these six initiatives highlight volunteering and volunteers while encouraging everybody to roll up their sleeves for (part of) a day. With these six initiatives the Oranje Fonds is organizing the biggest volunteer event in the Kingdom in cooperation with thousands of social organizations and with the support of local partners such as CEDE Aruba. More information: