Aqua Grill restaurant: The taste of New England with Caribbean flair

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One thing is for certain: Chef Scott Scheuerman and his team are famous for getting people hooked, just like the fish on your plate. You will get the taste of home fused with Caribbean while dining in elegance. Scheuerman will tell how Aqua Grill established its name since opening in 2002, and why it reaped accolades from such prestigious travel publications as Fodor’s, who says, “This hip restaurant is heaven on earth for seafood lovers, who will find fresh fish galore…” Now is your chance to taste Aqua Grill’s NEW seasonal menu and create a lifetime culinary memory.

`A Scheuer thing’

Secretly, we all know that the success of a restaurant begins in the kitchen. That is where the chef creates his magic and for Aqua Grill the culinary team has won an assortment of awards for their continuous delivery of `haute-cuisine del mar.’ Classic seafood is mingled with contemporary ideas resulting in surprising dishes that soon made the restaurant a must-dine, confirmed by established travel media specialists like Fodor’s and Frommer’s.

American-born Scheuerman, executive chef of Aqua Grill, is thrilled about ‘his restaurant’. “We started out as a New England style seafood restaurant, patterned after Boston style. But we quickly blended into some Caribbean, local flair… if you will. We do still offer the traditional New England dishes like whole Maine lobster, northern seafood plates like the salmon, tuna and swordfish. We buy also from the local fisherman to offer Caribbean dishes like snapper and grouper which are number one sellers in our restaurant being the most prevalent local fishes. Catches like wahoo, mahi mahi and brasil are welcome too, anything that comes out of the water we embrace.”

Fresh import from Boston

Aqua Grill flies in their own shipments on a weekly basis mostly from Boston because the price quality balance is the best, says the chef. “We are unique in this. Number one priority is buying fresh, we mean not frozen. Our original concept is New England seafood and we stick to that concept. They have a wonderful assortment of oysters and lobsters as well.” Aqua Grill also offers international fusion type of menu items; actually all you wish for is there. A very balanced menu awaits you. “And we have options for meat lovers and vegetarians/vegans too. We, however, do not mix it up too much because we believe we do not want to lose our identity as a seafood restaurant,” Scheuerman adds.

NEW! Sublime seasonal menu

Now is the time to indulge in Aqua Grill’s dinner experience. The established restaurant offers a sensational seasonal menu. We present to you a fresh Oyster Bar selection: French Kiss (Prince Edward Island), Irish Point (Prince Edward Island) and Billingsgate Lighthouse (Massachusetts) or West Bay (Massachusetts) and Duxbury (Massachusetts).

After that continue your gastronomic trip to heaven with an appetizer like Tuna Tataki, seasoned yellowfin tuna flash-seared and sliced with ponzu and presented raw with wakame, wasabi and sweet pickled ginger or Grilled Oysters with butter, fennel and leeks.

You haven’t reached your destination yet because the main course options will blow you away: Blackened Brazil, locally caught amberjack fillet blackened and presented with sweet potato, asparagus and served with sweet and spicy red pepper compote or Broiled Lobster Tail, 12 oz Caribbean lobster tail with zucchini-potato roll and jardinière vegetables. In all honesty, how can you resist this?

Take a pick out of Aqua Grill’s delicious desserts to finally conclude: yes, this beats it all. We will be back for more.

About the place

The glow of Aqua Grill is obvious by entering the restaurant. The eclectic of a modern and a traditional New England fish house style appeal and the open-view kitchen adds to the thrill. It’s clear as water; for sublime seafood in Aruba go to the island’s premier seafood restaurant: Aqua Grill. This seafood-heaven place is already a statement for years with a consistency in upscale dining and top-shelf service. If you like to savor your seafood, this is your dive in. We promise you will get hooked.

Aqua Grill

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