An Angel in disguise

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ORANJESTAD — Meet Mr. Sean Whelan a retired New York police Officer, but also a little girl’s guardian angel. While vacationing on our island Whelan became a hero to a 7 year old Puerto Rican girl who suffered a severe accident a few days ago.

Whelan gave it utmost by providing first aid and CPR at the scene. His only goal was to save that little girls life. Seeing that medical help was limited on the island the only solution was to take the girl either to Colombia or Puerto Rico. The parents begged for their little girl to be send to their home country but medical expenses especially the Air Ambulance was very high.

Without hesitation Whelan helped charter an extremely expensive Air Ambulance to fly her to the closest American Level 1 trauma Center, located in Puerto Rico. He never left this little girls side, from the moment of the accident until he handed her over into the hands of the very competent medical staff in Puerto Rico. The people of Aruba were very moved by his action and are forever grateful to Whelan for such a wonderful act of kindness.