Young Aruban winner of $500 at Alhambra Casino

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Ana Flores, a young Aruban currently living in the Netherlands, came to the island on vacation to visit her friends and family. One of the activities she enjoys most while on the island is playing Bingo, and this time she found luck the moment she became a winner!

Ana and her friends have been Bingo players for many years, and ever since she moved to the Netherlands, she takes every opportunity to play Bingo when she is on vacation in Aruba. However, she was never a winner, until last Thursday.
As usual, she went to play Bingo at Alhambra Casino, where the biggest prize of the progressive Bingo, which was more than $26,000, was not won. However, the last game was for $500 and here Ana was lucky.
“I couldn’t believe it when I saw the last ball that I needed come up! I was so surprised!”, she said.