“Wings of Hope” project has taken off: Aruba Airport Authority supports 70 families that due to the current crisis are in great need

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A community support project by Aruba Airport Authority N.V. (AAA)’s entire staff, named “Wings of Hope” (WoH) has taken off on June 1, 2020. An initiative that began in AAA’s Security Unit was the basis to ignite a larger scale project and has now been adopted by the entire company with the sole purpose to assist and support around 70 families that due to the current crisis are in great need. WoH will run from June 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020.

The devastating effects of COVID19 on travel and aviation caused AAA to take difficult measures to safeguard the company’s financial stability. Despite different monetary cuts, AAA still strongly believes that it is our duty and responsibility to help those who are currently struggling and have been hit the hardest by this crisis.

AAA has partnered up with the Department of Social Affairs (DSZ) to provide food vouchers to a total of 70 families for a prolonged period. DSZ will identify those families with the greatest need and will distribute these vouchers amongst their clients. AAA’s WoH workgroup will continuously monitor the correct execution and distribution of the vouchers and review monthly reports provided by DSZ.

During the handover of the first batch of vouchers to DSZ, AAA’s CEO Mr. Joost Meijs, indicated to be extremely proud of WoH and stated that he hopes that this would be a catalyst for other local organizations to reach out and help as well. “It’s easy to help when a company is performing very well, but the challenge is to extend a helping hand even as the AAA family is facing hard times,” Mr. Meijs hopes that the assistance will help these families get back on their feet, just like AAA will, in due time.